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About Us

Who We Are

acts2fellowship (a2f) is a Christian student group at UC Santa Barbara. We meet weekly on campus to study the Bible, as well as throughout the week for small groups and other activities. It’s a safe and fun place to make some friends, think about the big questions in life, and get some answers as we investigate and discover God’s purpose for us.

Along the way we also hang out, eat good food, go on awesome outings, and just do college life together. At acts2fellowship, we try to recreate what we read in Acts chapter 2 of the Bible — ordinary folks forming an extraordinary community — and we invite you to join us!

Bible Study

We start off with a home-cooked meal, followed by a thought-provoking message, then conclude with some good old fun – doing anything from playing sports or wacky games to grabbing dessert together.

Whether you've grown up in church or have never seriously looked into Christianity, we believe college is the best time to discover the Bible as reliable and of utmost importance and relevance to our lives.

Life Group

In a Life Group, you'll find other students you can build relationships with and learn about God's purpose for our lives in a small group setting. You can think of your Life Group as a second home where you can be yourself around friends and journey through college life together!


Not just any community, but one based on the portrait of the early church we find in Acts chapter 2 of the Bible. It’s a tall order, but we try to live it out, stopping by one another’s homes, meeting together for daily devotions, bringing soup and comfort food when someone’s sick, and getting to know one another on a deeper level as we share in day-to-day life through our college years. We believe college is the perfect time to form this sort of community.