acts2fellowship - Christian fellowship @ UC Santa Barbara (UCSB)



We’re a campus ministry on the UC Santa Barbara campus that believes that college is the perfect time to explore the big questions like, “Does God exist?” and “What am I here for?” 

At A2F, we meet weekly on campus to study the Bible, as well as throughout the week for small groups and other activities. It’s a safe place to make some friends, think about the big questions of life, and get some answers as we investigate and discover God’s purpose for us.

At Acts2Fellowship, we try to recreate what we read in Acts chapter 2 of the Bible — ordinary folks forming an extraordinary community — and we invite you to join us!

Here is a video explaining a little bit of who we are! We hope to see you around!



Wesley / Geographic Information Science

Corrie / English + Art & Technology

Amy / Psychology

Karoline / Global Studies

Austin / Mechanical Engineering

We’re the Acts2Fellowship UCSB Student Council, and we’re all here to serve you by keeping A2F up and running! We are in charge of planning events and taking care of logistics, but aside from the roles we hold, we are also just a few more familiar faces you can look for if you join us at our events. Hope to see you at A2F!



Wesley C.

| President

I grew up in a non-religious home, and knew basically nothing about Christianity. It wasn’t until some friends of mine in high school introduced me to the Bible and who God is. After investigating more about Christianity, I found answers to questions about life and purpose that I never even considered. When I was lost, God found me and changed the trajectory of my life. Entering college, I wanted to be part of a community that took their faith seriously and genuinely loved people and God. And I found that right here in A2F!

Fun Fact: Steph Curry is better than Lebron James.


Corrie K. | Internal VP

I am a pastor’s kid, so growing up my family moved around to help plant churches. However, despite all of the love I was shown, I lived a reckless and rebellious life—bitter and angry at God, and as a people-pleaser who wanted everyone to like me. I wore so many different masks, that I didn’t even know who I was anymore. But my life changed spring of my senior year in high school, and I finally humbled myself to accept Jesus into my life! Christian life has not been easy, but I am so thankful that I was able to find this community of believers in college who inspire me to keep on going, and with whom I can ask questions, seek advice , and live life alongside of!

Fun Fact: I have really bad luck…But at least they make for good stories afterwards!


Austin Z. | External VP

I grew up thinking I knew what Christianity offered before rejecting it, but after rediscovering it in college, I realized that I was too proud to admit that I was a sinner and needed repentance. It was through accepting God's grace and surrendering myself that I found a new identity and purpose in Christ. This was a life changing decision as I got to experience an abundance of fellowship serving God together with friends.

Fun Fact: I am good at having a lot of allergies and falling asleep in cars.


Amy K. | Treasurer

I grew up in a Christian family, thinking that my upbringing would automatically make me a Christian. But college was a time when I decided to take my faith seriously and think about who God is in my life. I made Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior my freshmen year and, ever since, I realized that being a Christian is about having a personal loving relationship with God, loving others, and doing life together with people!

Fun Fact: I'm a huge fan of Christopher Nolan movies. I could talk about Inception's ending for hours!


Karoline C. | Clerk

I was going to church even before I was born! But before coming to college, I had the misconception of Christianity as a moral code that I had to follow to be good with God. After examining my faith, that I saw that I had a glorified image of myself as a loving person and loyal friend because my actions conflicted with my self-perception. I realized I was a sinner who couldn't make myself good with God, but finally understood God's grace through Jesus' death on the cross. I was able to receive God's love and begin to love the people around me as well!

Fun Fact: I have a loud and distinct laugh and have been told that people can find me by listening for my laughter!