Post-TFN Iron Chef

After a delicious dinner and bible study at TFN, we all headed back to Mike and Joanna's house to compete in Iron Chef, our own personal cooking competition modeled after the Food Network show of the same name. The teams got heated very quickly, throwing clever remarks here and there as things got competitive. We started planning how to incorporate the secret ingredient, apples, into recipes that wouldn't be too hard to make given our skill level. The ingredients were soon divvied up and the cooking began. I couldn't believe the amazing smells and tastes from what everyone made, far exceeding the expectations I had of students inexperienced with cooking. The timer ran out, the teams gathered, and the judges... judged. After the plates were settled and belts loosened, the winner was decided. Daniel's team, with their dish of chicken and waffles, and apples, was decided as the best dish.